I’ve noticed you added an int channeloffset value to the function. Although this gives freedom to check both left and right seperately (in stereo output), what if someone wants to just get the spectrum for all the data being outputed as one chart (kinda like the old Fmod 3 style).

Could a -1 option be added, or something equavilant, to do this?

I feel it’s a waste of processing that I have to call this function twice, at least. Not to mention if the audio output is using more than 2 channels.

If there is already this option, than it is currently undocumented from what I can see…

Currently, I’m using the function in a loop with a few arrays, filling up these arrays than adding them all together, etc. to get the “total”. But It’s not as fast as Fmod 3’s call once and done deal.


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