i’m fairly new to fmod and tried to continously record from mic and save it to a .wav the last day. I found some older code in the forum, which uses a looping sample and writes out data in a DSP callback.
But shouldn’t it also work, if use the wavWriter plugin provided with fmodex and a looping sample?
I tried that, but only thing i got was an “silent” output in the .wav (no amplitude).
The provided recording example is working well, so my setup should be ok.

I’m using linux, with OSS (alsa doesn’t initialize properbly).

If someone has a hint, that would be great.


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Thanks Brett,

i got it working through a DSP callback for writing out to the wav file and by setting up a timer to adjust frequency for the playing sample (based on the current play and record cursor) at frequent intervals.

I was only interested in the possibility of using the wavWriter output plugin for this, to simplify my code a bit.

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