Hi again.

I used FMod to read ID3Tags out of a MP3 File.
So far it all worked. But I had some problems.

I read the Tags with FSOUND_TAGFIELD_ID3V1 first and after that the ones with FSOUND_TAGFIELD_ID3V2.

With different kinds of files I had different strange occurences.

[u:3e9grhli]1.) MP3s with Id3V1 Tags[/u:3e9grhli]

The are read alright but when I try to read the Id3v2 Tags the Id3v1 Tags are returned again. I expected to get empty data when I read them with FSOUND_TAGFIELD_ID3V2 and no Id3V2 Tags are inside the file.

[u:3e9grhli]2.) MP3s with Id3v1 und Id3v2 Tags[/u:3e9grhli]

I always get back the Id3v1 Tags, even when I read the Id3v2 Tags.

[u:3e9grhli]3.) MP3s with Id3v2 Tags[/u:3e9grhli]

No Tags are returned, with FSOUND_TAGFIELD_ID3V1 or FSOUND_TAGFIELD_ID3V2.

So maybe I’m just plain dumb here. Should this behaviour occur or do I do something seriously wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

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it may be easier to iterate through all the available tags and just extract the ones you want rather than trying to look up specific tags

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