Long ago I managed to write a small program to record voice from the microphone and write it to a wave file, without size limit.
This was made using a circular recording buffer (following the idea in the record example), getting the data from play buffer (it is used to feed a vumeter) and then having it cleared by a DSP callback so no sound is heard.
Now I would like to use it inside another program that will have to perform other tasks (not related to sound) while recording.
Unfortunately putting my code in a separate thread seems to cause a lot of troubles, I suppose due to the FMOD code and mine accessing the same buffer without a mutex.

Is there something I can do? Did anybody manage to do what I am trying to do and is willing to help?

Or, may be, does the new FMOD ex add this functionality of its own (a streamed record to disk) so that the problem will cease to exist? I read all the docs but couldn’t find out.

Thank you

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