Here’s what I did to get it working(In vain)

  1. Copied includes into the devC++ include folder.

  2. Copied libs into the devC++ include folder,

3.Started a new projected, and added libfmodex.a as suggested.

4.Added an example (3d one) .cpp file to the project, and then hit compile.

It then spews fourth a bunch of undefined reference errors.

[Linker error] undefined reference to `_ZN4FMOD6System4initEi14FMOD_INITFLAGSPv@16′

For example.

It’s finding the lib, because if I change the name, the error changes to “Linker can not find <LibName>”…

Any ideas? I’m all set to use this in my game but for this one small yet gigantic problem.

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