Is there a way to change the device the song is playing on ,while it plays.

I must set the system device before initing the system, so I cant figure a way.

I need it since my application needs the possibility of playing the song to one device and by a click play it on another one. I cannot do with two systems since the streams won’t be synced, I cannot also use a multichannel sound card since I do not want to limit my application hardware requirements.

If there is no way I might do it with a multichannel sound card.

Is it possible to change the output channels of a stream while it plays?


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ok understood,

so my solution will be –

using a multichannel sound card, play the stream on all channels,

and switch the volume levels instead of devices.(setspeakerMix,setSpeakerLevels) so only 2 channels will be heard at a given time.

is that correct?

playing a stereo song on all channels is possible?

will it effect the user expirience and sound quality ? playing a stereo song on 4 channels or 2 channels? ( the user will only hear 2 , since i will switch between them).

will it keep the stereo? so the front channels play stereo and the rear play stereo each couple by itself?

thanks in advance for all the answers.


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ok after looking at the multispeakeroutput example, I think I am right.

however if i want to play stereo on the rear channels do i need to use the setspeaker levels or setspleakerMix?

and also please approve that i am correct.


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