Hi Brett :smile:
(And the rest of all users of FMOD)

First i want to congratulate brett for this
wonderful sound engine that is FMOD.

Full of features and easy to use are the
most significant features that led me to use
it on my audio programing experiences :smile:

Now i have One simple question for u guys :smile:

Is there a way to draw the raw data (like in
wavelab and so many other WAVE editors) of a
strean (MP3 in my case) moving while the mp3
is playing ?

if some one could help me with a piece of
coding or some tips i would be very greatful.

Thanks in advance m8s

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What i’ve seen in the examples were
some kind of osciloscope and most were in

Im trying to do something like wavelab or
cool edit displays wave files in delphi…

if u guys could help me in some way i would
be very greatful

thanks in advance


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