I sometime gets an exception with a
FSOUND_Stream_SetPosition( m_NextStream->m_pStream, 0 );

The pointer seems ok so what else could be the reason for it?



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Sorry very new to FMOD.
I’m playing OGG files using 3.7.4.

I pretty sure it may have something to do with me.
What I am doing that causes the problem.

Play OGG stream
Play OGG stream2
set the volume on both to cross fad. So one stream is going down and the other in going up.
Stop stream going down when the volume in 0
FSOUND_Stream_SetPosition(down_stream, 0) << exception

Now it doesn’t happen all the time.

EDIT: I just updated to the pre dll and this seems to help a lot.
SO I will go with this for the moment.


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