Ok this is a complex question, I hope everyone who reads this actually understands what I mean. But since documentation is still somewhat weak or mistakable probably its quite helpful for others as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

As I understand correctly you cannot change the mode of a sound to (let’s say) 3d when you created it with FMOD_HARDWARE.
Documentation of Sound:setMode says:
FMOD_2D (only on sounds created with FMOD_SOFTWARE)
FMOD_3D (only on sounds created with FMOD_SOFTWARE)
question: is there a difference from FMOD_3D to FMOD_3D_xxxRELATIVE ? Because 3D_WORLDRELATIVE is allowed.

Ok so I created a sound with FMOD_DEFAULT | FMOD_3D and play it on a channel. It seems Channel:SetMode is restricted as well, depending on creation of the sound.
question: why can’t I overwrite 2D/3D settings for each channel? Loop settings can be changed.

But when I change the mode of a sound to FMOD_2D (because I want to reuse the sound for both 3D and 2D playback), I dont get an error back, but the audio result is definitly 3D. It fades out when I move.

Hope you got my problem…

As always (and most likely) if I miss something or use EX not correctly, I am thankful for any advice.


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I can accept nearly everthing if it makes sense ๐Ÿ˜€

But you just made the important point: abstraction.

When a sound was created in 3D you could abstract by copying that DS buffer internally and hide any DS restrictions from the user. Then it can be played back on a channel in 2D.

How much you abstract is purely up to you and if that FMOD Designer progresses probably that question is not important anymore.

Still if debugged correctly I dont get an error when setting FMOD_2D on a channel created with a 3D sound. That may be a bug then.


(Do I really post too much?! I was really quite the last half year ๐Ÿ˜› )

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