If i keep open a number(ex 8-10) of streaming sound effects and playing them constantly with fixed volume depended where you stand in a 3d scenery can this cause problem to fmod system?I noticed that when you pass through one sound to another(closing the first and open and ask for
playing the other) noise come out of my speakers just like when you close them.

How many streams can i have open and playing silmutinasly without my application to suffer?

Also during a heavy loading texture loading-decompression(100 mb++) process i found if i don’t turn off(shut streams),my project is crashing in win xp.Sometimes it doesn’t crash but after a little while the sound is closing and i can’t hear anything.Also when i am closing my project winamp can’t play mp3’s anymore.It starts normally and after a little while the graph down the playing time is freezing.

If fmod is playing a stream and the memory and cpu resources is reducing
dramatically is it embedded a sollution into the system to not crash?,how
can i check if this situation have occured and close fmod and reinitialize it?

Is there a minimum system config for fmod?

I have an audigy sound card and creative 5.1 inspire speakers.

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