Hi Brett

on the revision apparead: “+ Added support for S9F effect (backwards playback) in .IT format.”, it is the fix of the songs that have send you for email, I try the playback with the new release 34, but not have diference betwenn the release 33, the playback is the same, could you trying play the songs width ModPlug Tracker or ModPlug Player and FMOD Ex rel. 34, have diference on the playback.


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Just FYI, ModPlug doesn’t get playback of all modules 100% correct. Have you checked with the song authors to see if ModPlug plays them properly?

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Hi Janus

no, no have checked, is a song of modarchive site (a-qsilv.it), the diference of playback is only at start (first 3 orderes), I have test other song (XM) of other user that have post this (the song is AWS_FAN2.XM) and te result is inverse, with WINAMP playback into one mode and with FMOD Ex and ModPlug into other but the same.

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I just tested that song with ModPlug and Fmod Ex 4.00.34, and they both sound identical. I mainly checked to see if there was a difference when the S9F command came into the picture, but still sounded the same to me and I could hear the instrument going backwards as described by the command, so that sounds like it’s working properly.

Btw, the author of this module gave the following comment:

by minomus

Listen with Modplug software.
IT doesn’t play S9F and S99 commands and cutoffs won’t be played

So I guess the developer of this track also developed it in ModPlug Tracker.

My guess as to why your hearing a difference could be you don’t have enough software channels for the track (assuming software here). Or in ModPlug tracker, you have settings on which make it sound “better” (like the Equalizer, Surround, etc). Other than that, I have no idea why these would sound different to you, but sound the same to me.

[quote:1ljg3rnt]I have test other song (XM) of other user that have post this (the song is AWS_FAN2.XM) and te result is inverse[/quote:1ljg3rnt]

I’m not sure what you meant by that…right when .34 came out, I tested that song along with nf-chill.xm (and others) with the bugs I mentioned being fixed (thanks Brett ^_^). I assume by inverse you meant that the bugs were fixed compared to your bug report…which does seemed fixed, at least on my end.

Could you possibly get more detailed about the bug report? Maybe it’s not the S9F command that’s causing the potential difference in playback on your end.


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I have tested

the problem is not in the S9f effect

this songs have 37 channels

the diference on the playback is in the:

order 3 – pattern 3
channels 6 and 7 that uses effects M18
channels 15, 16 and 17 that uses effects M04, M08, M20, GFF and Z10 to Z28

order 5 – pattern 5
channel 10 that use effects GFF and M00 to M34
channels 11 and 12 uses effects Mxx

and some channels that uses vXX (volume) range

if these are effect of ModPlug is good idea add this support to FMOD Ex ?
why if the autor use this is for paraticular music effect, this effect not playback correctly with popular players.

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