recently i made media player with FMOD, during test i found somthing problem for play Audio CD.

test step 1

-fisrt Execute the Easy CD DA Extractor(CD Ripper tool).
-cd inset then Easy CDDA Extractor auto detect Audio CD.
-myapp(winecho) Execute(also Auto detect CD)

but this time, Error Occured in SetSubstream function.

FSOUND_Stream_SetSubStream(stream1, thisSubStream)

Error message is ‘invalid parameter passed..” or similar

test step 2

-cd insert.
-first execute myapp(cd auto detect and play cd)
-execute the Easy CDDA extractor (also cd detect)
this time normal execute both myapp and extractor.

test step 3
-exexute both myapp and extractor
-cd insert
in this time extractor is normal but myapp error occured

mybe extractor can open shared mode?
or some didn’t know about fmod cd play?

does anyone know about this pronlem, plz let me know.

for normal play cd must be quit both of extractor and myapp.
and execute myapp

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