I’ve made a new Delphi interface for FMODEx. It’s not official but it works!

So far I have converted the following demos to Delphi:

CD Player

I’m working through the rest of them pretty fast now but I’m going on holiday next week so if anyone else want’s to finish the rest of them then let me know. I will send you the Delphi lib I made, there are quite a few changes to the current Delphi version plus there are my demo project conversions of course. I might do a few more of the demo projects before I go away so could you let me know beforehand if you want to do them — to save me rewriting the wheel, it’s pretty easy work now though. Just tedious converting the VB or C++ types to Pascal, just use the demo’s I’ve already done as a reference, I think I covered everything there.

My FMODEx.pas also works alongside FMOD3, so you can use either 3 or 4 version of FMOD in Delphi without confusion.

I only use Delphi 7 at the moment so I dunno if it will work on other versions – LMK if not!

Hopefully it will go in the general FMOD releases but in the meantime contact me if you want my Delphi FmodEx lib for Delphi.


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Done that, I’ve emailed you a private ftp link. There are a couple of minor problems I didn’t have time to fix, the cd player crashes on close, that’s a datatype problem i’m sure since the VB and C demos don’t do it. And the channelgroups demo needs finishing as far as the statusbar info goes.

If we logically work through the rest of the demos then the api should be as right as it can be. I wish you luck, I imagine that there will be many more fmodex.pas changes as we work through it.

BTW FMODEx is now version …46 so you need to change the version number to stop an error coming up.



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Hello bro,

Plz send me the sources that i’ll try something, i’m using delphi 7 too.
My email is vessosa at yahoo.com.br

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I’ll tidy up the files a bit and email you an ftp link to it tomorrow.



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