I’m using FSOUND_Stream_Create(..) to create my own stream and a callback funtion to feed the samples into the stream. The stream always retrieves 88200 bytes (44100 samples in my case).
The problem is now, if the stream I’d like to play ends there are usually not exactly 88200 bytes left so I just write into the buffer what I have eg. 42518 bytes. :-) The next time the callback comes I return FALSE so that the stream stops to play, but it also doesn’t play my last incomplete buffer.
Is that by design? What can I do to avoid that problem?
Note: I also like the get exact stop callbacks, so I don’t want the useless rest of the buffer to be played. How would I managed that in a correct way?

thanks in advance


P.S.: My platform is Win2000 using FSOUND_OUTPUT_WINMM because this code needs to be portable to WinCE. and I’m using FMOD 3.74f

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