I saw that Oggcast has released a dsp to Winamp.
Is there any chance to use it with Fmod.
I tryed to use it in the example Useplugins to VB but I but know how to use it. Is here anyone that can help me i the right direction??

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The useplugins example doesn’t use any DSP plugins (besides display them). What you need to do is load the DSP plugin using [code:lmu6ifv3]FMOD_System_LoadPlugin[/code:lmu6ifv3]
Then you need to create the DSP unit using
You can then use the DSP unit by calling [code:lmu6ifv3]FMOD_System_AddDSP[/code:lmu6ifv3]

Have a look at the effects example and the dsppluginviewer example

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What am I doing wrong?
I used Fmod dsp_effect example and just but in the dsp from oggcast.
In the Fmod example I but my test just before Fmod loads there own dsp´s

‘This is your examplecode from dsp_effect
result = FMOD_System_Create(system)
ERRCHECK (result)

result = FMOD_System_GetVersion(system, version)
ERRCHECK (result)

If version <> FMOD_VERSION Then
    MsgBox "Error!  You are using an old version of FMOD " & Hex$(version) & ". " & _
           "This program requires " & Hex$(FMOD_VERSION)
End If

result = FMOD_System_Init(system, 32, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0)
ERRCHECK (result)

result = FMOD_System_CreateSound(system, "../../examples/media/drumloop.wav", FMOD_SOFTWARE Or FMOD_LOOP_NORMAL, sound)
ERRCHECK (result)

‘down to here

‘Here is my code that I have tested with
Dim dspShoutcast As Long
Dim l_Filename As String
l_Filename = “dsp_oddcast_v3.dll”

result = FMOD_System_LoadPlugin(system, l_Filename, FMOD_PLUGINTYPE_DSP, 0)

result = FMOD_System_CreateDSPByIndex(system, 0, dspShoutcast)

result = FMOD_System_AddDSP(system, dspShoutcast)

‘The only result I get from FMOD_System_LoadPlugin is 22 (file not found)
The oggcast dsp is both in the app.path and yout pluginpath. The same thing happend every time. File not found.

Am I all wrong???

Can someone please give me some help…..

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