in the manpage about System::createStream/createSound is a sweet Flag FMOD_CREATESTATICSTREAM mentioned:
[quote:e7frdqq3]To open a file or URL as a stream, but have it stream from memory instead of the disk, use FMOD_CREATESTATICSTREAM. This is similar to loading a file into memory, then using the FMOD_OPENMEMORY flag, but it does it for you. This is useful for those who want realtime compressed soundeffects, but not the overhead of disk access.[/quote:e7frdqq3]

as i’m working in java this flag would be really great, as the other way might get a bit ugly, but somehow … this flag seems not to exist except in this quote…
can anybody tell me more? would be great 😉

cheers & thx

ps: searched this forum as well, nothing :(

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