I have recorded some various pitches of a vehicle and I am attempting to build a car sound using designer. I don’t plan to use the off load feature yet because I would like to try to get a smooth crossfade of pitch for the onload first. I am having some trouble matching the pitches of the sound instances and getting a smooth pitch crossfade. I am using the pitch reference with autopitch enabled and I am tweaking the tuning in the sound instance properties. I have had no success using autopitch because sometimes the pitch changes drastically between the reference and end of the instance and sometimes the instance changes pitch only slighty between pitch reference and the end of the sound instance.

Can anybody offer some tips and help me better understand how autopitch is working with relation between distance value in the distance parameter and sound instances “length” within the distance parameter.

Is there something I am missing?

Thanx :)


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v4 rpm/30 -=> hz -=> spctrum analysis SF -=> note
v8 rpm/15

  1. 1000rpm – 33.3hz -=> c-2
  2. 1500rpm – 50.0hz -=> g-2
  3. 2000rpm – 66.7hz -=> c-3
  4. 2500rpm – 83.3hz -=> e-3
  5. 3000rpm – 100.0hz -=> g-3
  6. 3500rpm – 116.6hz -=> a#3
  7. 4000rpm – 133.3hz -=> c-4
  8. 4500rpm – 150.0hz -=> d-4
  9. 5000rpm – 166.6hz -=> e-4
    10.5500rpm – 183.3hz -=> f#4
    11.6000rpm – 200.0hz -=> g-4
    12.6500rpm – 216.6hz -=> a-4
    13.7000rpm – 233.3hz -=> a#4
    14.7500rpm – 250.0hz -=> b-4
    15.8000rpm – 266.6hz -=> c-5
    16.9000rpm – 300.0hz -=> d-5

but the better way and preciese to find the correct recorded rpm is use some reference tone.. (saw or squaretone) like guitar tone

i work with my special tool in Invictus Games and this is the good way, really… when u remember the rec. rpm 2000 in test tone u find preciese 2012 or else , u know i mean!

peace Fanta, lead sound designer

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