OK, so I’m using FMOD 3.7x for my game, with an OXM file.

On one particular track within the OXM, a particular instrument has a clicking/popping sound everytime it plays.

If I play the same song back in my game using an uncompressed XM file , the problem goes away.

I’m using OggMod to do the compression. If I change from the default compression quality of 0 to 50, then use that song, the problem also (largely) goes away, but the file is 3X bigger, making it not really useful for me.

1) Are there any adjustments I can make within my game code to increase playback fidelity and/or otherwise address the issue?
2) Is there a way to have OggMod, or another utility, have a different compression rate on a per-instrument basis (i.e. compress one instrument less harshly than the rest)
3) I’m not a musician or an XM expert, but is there anything I can tell the guy who’s doing this for me to help him address it on his side (i.e. in the XM)
4) Would switching to FMOD 4.00 EX be helpful in addressing this in any way? and if so, Can I use FMOD 4.00 on a shareware license?

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