As far as I can see there is only very very limited suport for MP4 and/or AAC.
Since MP4 is just the wrapper, I guess only AACv1 is supported (which unluckily is not much used at all).

All newer apps today generate either HE-AAC or even AACv2 – both not supported!
All files I tested (no matter if generated by iTunes, Winamp, Nero whatsoever) could not be played by FMod.

So will there ever by real MP4 and AAC support for the latest codecs?

(I assume, this is not a GPL issue, since you could make the ACC-input optional as a seperate add-on – and all is fine).

What is the way (if you never will support MP4/AAC+) to open, read and decode AAC by myself and feed somehow Fmod…???

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OKay, sounds fair!

So I assume, I could write an own Fmod codec by myself (like your winamp input plugin suggestion)…

Is there any example I can start of with doing that…I would have no clue on how to do this.

My be there is a way to create a sound object and feed the wave data to that object bymyself….and example…e.g. lets assume I have a reader and decoder for a file and could already provide the raw wave data….how to implement a sound object by myself ??

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