The documentation currently reads “[i:1h6ruv7x]Currently[/i:1h6ruv7x] callbacks are driven by System::update and will only occur when this function is called. ” (my emphasis).

Does this mean that there are plans to restore callbacks to the same level of usefulness (to me) as they were previously? I can understand, from a certain point of view, why for some applications some users of FMOD Ex may like callbacks to be handled synchronously, but from my point of view it’s almost vital that call backs are asynchronous and happen pretty much instantly.

As a little background, I currently have two applications that rely on sync points:

1) I use FMOD 3 to synchronise karaoke display output with a karaoke audio stream and this works superbly well with FMOD 3 as I use the appropriate sync events to display the next piece of karaoke information and everything runs off these sync points. This works especially well as when the audio is paused the karaoke video output is also paused.

2) The other use I have of asynchronous sync points is managing cross-fade and beat matching from one audio stream to another – this kind of application needs to trigger sync point events and have them handled in good time to ensure that one stream starts at exactly the right point in time relative to the other stream.

Obviously, I could kick off (yet) another thread and have it call System::Update as often as possible but this isn’t a particularly good solution compared to having the sync point events trigger asynchronously.

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