I’ve just upgraded to FMOD4.02 and get (Visual C++7.1):

sample.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “public: enum FMOD_RESULT __stdcall FMOD::System::setSoftwareFormat(int,enum FMOD_SOUND_FORMAT,int,int)” (?setSoftwareFormat@System@FMOD@@QAG?AW4FMOD_RESULT@@HW4FMOD_SOUND_FORMAT@@HH@Z) referenced in function “bool __cdecl QSampleSetup(class QInfo *,char const *)” (?QSampleSetup@@YA_NPAVQInfo@@PBD@Z)

Linking with the fmodex_vc.lib from 4.00.37 is ok (with the 4.02 includes!). But that’s too scary. 😉

Anyone with the same problem?

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