I’m using FMOD Ex with C# bindings to write an mp3/ogg sequencer.

When the user adds a mp3/ogg stream to the timeline, the stream loads into a buffer in the background using FMOD_NONBLOCKING, and this is then used to generate peak data for displaying the stream, before being deleted

Is it possible to get the amount of the sound that is loaded? I’d like to be able to display on the timeline how much of sound is loaded.

Sound::getOpenState always returns 0 as the buffered percentage, so I’m guessing it’s not for this task?

uint percent = 0;
bool starving = false;
soundBuf.fmodsnd.getOpenState(ref state, ref percent, ref starving);[/code:199ej2qd]

Also…is it possible to cancel a non-blocking load?


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