I added FSOUND_2D to my loading mode for my 2D wave files and now on my computer (NT4, Vortex2) the volume works as expected.

On our other computer (WinME, Vortex1) there seems to be a problem with the sound volume which doesn’t appear when I call FSOUND_SetSFXMasterVolume( volume ); after every FSOUND_PlaySound( FSOUND_FREE, wave ) I call.

The first time our game is run the volume is at 100%. If the user sets the volume to 10% in the game, next time he enters the game the volume seems to be set at 1%, or 10% of 10%!

As far as I’m able to tell the only difference is the initial FSOUND_SetSFXMasterVolume(…) is called before the waves are loaded with with 25 or 250 and it works on one computer, but not the other. Is this a possible fmod bug or probably a bug in my own code?

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