We use a Desktop-PC with P4 3GHz and a Soundblaster Live 24Bit (7.1).
Language: C#
We tested the Multispeaker-demo. First time we set in the Creative EAX-Console the Speakermode to 7.1 (setSpeakerMode in Demo-App is set to 7.1). The Programm runs perfectly. But when we set the speakermode in the eax-console to 4.1 then the PC reboots when we start the Application.
All other Examples work because there is no SetSpeakermode.

Can anybody help?

Regards. Rico

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Hello Brett

Thanks for answering so fast.

[quote:1htsvoak]you mean ‘quad’ right? [/quote:1htsvoak]
That’s right i meant quad-sound.

So i will try to get a new version from support@fmod.org.

Thanks you Brett

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