I am developing a multi channel player with a soundcard with

32 output channels. (16 stereo drivers are detected)

For each driver I created two ‘system’s for each mono channel.

For example,
system 1: driver1, pan: left
system 2: driver1, pan: right
system 3: dirver2, pan: left

It works fine with small number of sound cards.

However, when initializing the 16th ‘system’

it gives me a ‘FMOD_ERR_MEMORY’ error result.

I tried my program on other computers with larger memory,

However, it gives me the same result on the 16th initialization.

I play all the sounds by streaming so my program uses

only 20~30 MBs of memory when playing 8 music files at the same time.

The following is some of my codes.

void SetSoundDevice(int driverID, float pan)
void SetSoundDevice(int driverID, float pan)


m_System->setSoftwareFormat(44100, FMOD_SOUND_FORMAT_PCM16, 2, 0, FMOD_DSP_RESAMPLER_LINEAR); 


m_System->init(8, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, NULL); 

m_Pan = pan; 

} }[/code:2jk3zmt1]

When playing…

void PlaySound()
m_System->createStream(filePath, FMOD_SOFTWARE | FMOD_2D, 0, &m_Sound);


m_System->playSound(FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE, m_Sound, 0, &m_Channel);



Is there any problem which my method?

How many multiple soundcards can I use at the same time?

Thank you for your help….

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