I used to be part of a band and when we performed/practiced we used to record everything we did in .wav so we could listen back to it later and see what other people thought about it and what-not. Anyway with all these .wav files i thought id try my hand at programming a garageband style mixing program, using FMOD to compile all the sounds together into one file, anyway it soon became apparent that it was going to be tougher than i thought so the project was abandoned.
A couple of weeks ago my PC was fried in a thunderstorm and one of my harddrives with all the .wav files in it was destroyed, so now all ive of our
recordings is the compiled .FSB version, as theyre pretty sentimental i was hoping someone would be able to code something so i can convert them back to .wav? if so that would be awesome…

Cheers, Billofry

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