hi, i’m a total newbie in fmod… i can’t proceed with my project without understanding the APIs! :(

under the folder: [b:1h4vqk1f]fmodapi375ce/api[/b:1h4vqk1f] there are [b:1h4vqk1f]wce211[/b:1h4vqk1f], [b:1h4vqk1f]wce3[/b:1h4vqk1f] & [b:1h4vqk1f]wce4[/b:1h4vqk1f]. within each of these subfolders are more subsubfolders such as arm, be300, mips, sh3, smartphone, x86, x86emu etc…

in each subsubfolders are the different [b:1h4vqk1f]fmodce.dll[/b:1h4vqk1f] files. i believe everyone of them are different.

i’m writing a program to play mp3 sound in pocket pc CF1.0 and CF2.0.

[i:1h4vqk1f][b]somebody please tell me which scenarios is each of those dll files used in? which dll i should use for CF1.0 & which for CF2.0?[/b[/i:1h4vqk1f]]

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