Hello, I’m beggining to work with the Fmod API (using VC++ 7), and I have a few questions :

I’m working on a musical game, and I’d like to use a samples database to play some partitions.
I have some samples, but, when I’m trying to make them loop (by setting a looppoint with setLoopPoints(), and initializing it with setLoopCount()), they don’t work with the loop point I’ve set, but with the entire sample.
A comparable issue appears with my use of SetLoopCount() : the sample does not stop looping even with values >= 1.

Here’s some bits of my code :


unsigned int *loopstart = new unsigned int () ;
unsigned int *loopend = new unsigned int () ;

result = system->createSound(“../media/swish.wav”, FMOD_LOOP_NORMAL, 0, &sound);

sound->setLoopPoints(125, FMOD_TIMEUNIT_MS, 250, FMOD_TIMEUNIT_MS);

result = system->playSound(FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE, sound, false, &channel);


Can someone help me with the use of those ?

Thank you

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Yeah ! Thank you :)
Sorry if it was a stupid question but I searched a lot before asking and I was despaired…

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