Initially I create a new system object each time I want to play sound :

FMOD_System_Init(FModSystem, 16, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0);

FMOD_System_CreateStream(FModSystem,StreamName, FMOD_2D Or FMOD_SOFTWARE, 0, FModStream);


This work well when playing ONE sound at a time.

When I want to play 2 sounds at same time (not begin exactly at the same time), the first begins and when the second begins they all seems to blocked (FMOD_Channel_GetPosition(FModChannel,Lg,FMOD_TIMEUNIT_MS) always return the same value and you hear always the same sound.

So I try to do different way : I use the same system object for all sounds
and it works well for a file stream
BUT not when playing CD and a file stream
(FMOD_System_CreateStream(FModSystem,PChar(String(FDrive+’:’)), FMOD_OPENONLY, 0,FModStream);

Notice : I always use FMOD_System_Update(FModSystem); on a timer

What may I do ?
Best regards.

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Perpahps there’s a missunderstood.
I’m not playing the same stream at the same time but DIFFERENT streams at the same time (eg : a wav stream and a CD stream and I do createstream for each)
It’s why I don’t understand what’s worng.

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