I have problem with playing an mp3 file.
I have a movie (wmv).
I extracted the audio from it. (created an mp3)
The duration of the movie and the audio are exactly the same.
The problem I’m having is that I’m trying to lipsync my audio with my movie but the audio is playing a tiny bit faster.
O by the way, the audio is running on pocket pc and the movie on a PC.
I have practically lipsync but the audio is running a little bit to fast.
In the beginning it is lipsync at the en has gained upon the movie.

I can’t ajust the audio speed.
I tought of using FMusic_SetMasterSpeed but after setting that I get a NotSupported Exception.
I’m using FSOUND_Stream functions so I think I can’t use the SetMasterSpeed.

Is there somebody who could explain me this and/or help me to get my lypsync correctly?



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Is there a way of adjusting playback speed of mp3’s ?

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