Using FMOD & BASSMOD to play files stored in a resource file is easy and i have done it already, but i wonder why MiniFmod doesn’t support playing Files from memory :/
using fmod i wont need the dll and also will be much cooler,
any idead how to use MiniFmod?

LoadSongMemory() <== Works fine

LoadSong() <== no memory playing support

BASSMOD_MusicPlay(); <== Support Memory & File Playing

i load the resource with LoadResource/FindResource/LockResource/SizeofResource <== those works fine,

any idea how to get minifod play memory loaded song?

thnx alot,

Work well, Bengaly

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ok i got it to work.!
now minifood is elite :smile:

although it works fine in win98, minifod has seriuos problems over winXP, a quick code inplemation fixed it all, now Minifod support winXP ;P
how fun is it to play music from the exe with no ugly dll near by :smile:

bin2c + fexp are the best for whom wanna make his music small and array of chars over vc.

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