I’ve downloaded FMod and tested it for audio decompression.
Really nice API, simple, and efficient.
I’m now also working on an another project and i will like to know if Fmod
features corresponds to my needs:

I will work with a host sequencer audio/midi application(Windows).
I will implement a plug-in that will have to capture audio from an external
usb device when required (asked) by the host application.
The Host Application will be responsible to playback the audio stream
on a device (internal sound card or external but different than the capture
So i need to capture audio buffers with very low latency. Also i will have to deal with unpredictable latency: I will have to compensate so that the audio streams line up (one from external device and the other to the playback device).
For now i’ve checked differents possibilities (DirectKS, DirectShow…)
It seems that the only way to get low latency on Windows is DirectKS…
What about FMod?
What do you think?

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thanks for your reply!
I found a problem with asio: i heard that only one asio driver can be loaded in one application. If the playback device uses an asio driver
i can’t load another one for the capture device .. that’s right?

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