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I am working on a fmod class in PHP/w32 which is supposed to cover most commands fmod provides for WinBinder. WinBinder is an PHP extension which allows to write native Windows applications in PHP.

I have to translate all enums, constants and definitions to integer values to pass them into the function call. This is just a little warning up front so you dont get scared :)

You can view the sourcecode here:
http://wiki.m3nt0r.de/index.php/WinBind … cecode_02a

I can init, open and stream_playex all kinds of sounds, and most important i can fx-enable the channel (getting an id).. all is fine.. Now when i do SetParamEQ on the fx-id nothing happens, but the function returns true!!

Here is my setup:
[i:3faqbmnu](sorta translated, so you dont have to dig thru all the code).[/i:3faqbmnu]

[b:3faqbmnu]SET_MIXER(6)[/b:3faqbmnu] // FSOUND_MIXER_QUALITY_FPU
[b:3faqbmnu]FSOUND_INIT(44000,16,2+4)[/b:3faqbmnu] // 2 for GLOBALFOCUS, 4 for ENABLE_SYSTEM_FXCHAN

[b:3faqbmnu]FSOUND_STREAM_CLOSE(file)[/b:3faqbmnu] // in case something open
[b:3faqbmnu]file = FSOUND_STREAM_OPEN(file, HW2D+ENABLEFX, 0, 0)[/b:3faqbmnu]
[b:3faqbmnu]chan = FSOUND_STREAM_PLAYEX(FSOUND_FREE, file, null, TRUE)[/b:3faqbmnu]
[b:3faqbmnu]fxid = FSOUND_FX_ENABLE(chan, 7)[/b:3faqbmnu]
[b:3faqbmnu]FSOUND_SETPAUSED(chan, FALSE)[/b:3faqbmnu][/quote:3faqbmnu]

sound is now playing and i have the chan and the fxid.
now i have my slider control which sets the value on the following:

[quote:3faqbmnu][b:3faqbmnu]FSOUND_FX_SETPARAMEQ(fxid, 8000, 18, value)[/b:3faqbmnu][/quote:3faqbmnu]

but nothing happens and the stream keeps playing .. no noteable change.

[b:3faqbmnu]Note:[/b:3faqbmnu] i know that i dont need to use ENABLE_SYSTEM_FXCHAN since i am using FSOUND FREE but if i set FSOUND_SYSTEMCHAN it says “file not found”.

[b:3faqbmnu]Note 2:[/b:3faqbmnu] when i set HW2D to HW3D on STREAM_OPEN it says: wrong parameter given.

[b:3faqbmnu]Note 3:[/b:3faqbmnu] when i set in FSOUND_INIT its flag to just 4 (enable_system_channelfx) the FSOUND_STREAM_OPEN fails and says: FSOUND_INIT or FSOUND_SETOUPUT weren’t called before. (even tho they did since all of them were true…

[b:3faqbmnu]Note 4:[/b:3faqbmnu] when i set in FSOUND_INIT its flag to just 0 it is like i have set it to 6 (global & syschanfx) which makes me think that the flags dont work or only work to some extent… but still fx_enable comes out true..

[b:3faqbmnu]My questions: [/b:3faqbmnu]
– How can i determine if flags are set successful? (! most important to debug)
– How can i find out which DirectX Version is in use? (maybe its not dx8?)
– Why does fx_enable fail on channel -1000 if enable_system_chanfx seems to be set?
– Why it returns all true but the fx doesn’t apply?

Kindest regards,

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