can fmod be used to play 5 different stream to 10 different mono outputs on 1 device?

if so, is there an example of this?

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ok. this looks very promising, but i cant get it to work with all 10 outputs

i did this:

[code:1vwcuhlt] result = system->setSoftwareFormat(44100,
10, 0, FMOD_DSP_RESAMPLER_LINEAR);[/code:1vwcuhlt]

and then for 1 channel:

[code:1vwcuhlt]float levels[2] = { 0, 1.0f };
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)0, levels, 2);[/code:1vwcuhlt]

and for the other channel:

[code:1vwcuhlt]float levels[2] = { 1.0f, 0 };
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)1, levels, 2);[/code:1vwcuhlt]

if i do that, it plays correctly on my first 2 mono outputs

but when i try to play with (FMOD_SPEAKER)2 and (FMOD_SPEAKER)3, instead of playing on the second pair of mono outputs, it plays on the fifth mono output and causes the 1st and the 8th output to overdrive (redline, peakout, overload, whatever…)

im basically getting weird results.. so, before i do the above and switch output pairs, i do the following to reset the channel:

[code:1vwcuhlt] float levels[2] = { 0, 0 };
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)0, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)1, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)2, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)3, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)4, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)5, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)6, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)7, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)8, levels, 2);
channel->setSpeakerLevels((FMOD_SPEAKER)9, levels, 2);[/code:1vwcuhlt]

then i get different, but equally weird results.

if i set the number of outputs to 8 and not 10, it mostly works, except the outputs are not mapped in order (2/3 are swapped with 4/5 — but 5 doesnt output anything). 0/1 and 6/7 work fine, and obviously i cant try 8/9 because i set the maxoutputs to 8.

any ideas or explainations of whats going on?

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i see this also:

[quote:2u2kvppl] /*
Multichannel only supported in ALSA mode in 5.1 and 7.1.
If the user doesn’t have 5.1 speakers then only the speakers
they have will be audible.

in the multispeakeroutput example code.

does this mean that fmod w/ alsa cant support sending to 10 outputs?

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the driver can do it, i can do it using other tools, it works perfectly. this is one of the best cards (rme hammerfall dsp) on the market right now and it is very well supported by alsa and windows.

can you shed some light on how fmod does the mapping? does my code look right?

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ok, this is definatly a bug in FMOD. see for more info. basically the alsa output driver is ignoring FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_RAW and making a very poor assumption that >= 6 channels is going to be 7POINT1 or 5POINT1

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