Due to output mode problems in my application (GUI) (Seems FMod(ex) doesn’t reset the SetOutput parameter when closing/releasing system to ‘not-set’?), i finally decided to initialize both Waveout and DirectSound (with output not jet specified), retrieve the devices for both output modes, which improves Soundcard/output selection.
However, when doing this with FModEx, it often hangs when closing.


Here’s a small sample code (VB6)

Option Explicit
Option Base 0

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim xLong1 As Long
Dim xSystem As Long

For xLong1 = 0& To 3& ‘ my app does 2x but sometimes works, so 4x should ensure it hangs at least
If FMOD_System_Create(xSystem) = 0& Then
‘Call FMOD_System_SetOutput(xSystem, 7&) ‘ to test with waveout!, same problem
If FMOD_System_Init(xSystem, 256&, 0&, 0&) = 0& Then
Call FMOD_System_Close(xSystem)
End If
Call FMOD_System_Release(xSystem)
End If
End Sub

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Seems to work when using sleep api with 1ms (0ms too), but needs further testing.
However I’d appreciate you can get it working without sleep.
Just needs some more testing

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