I ‘ve some strange problems with positioning 3d sounds. To make the positioning easy, I ve made a simple tool which helps position 3d sounds. Note that I’m working with the fmodex event system interfaces, not directly with fmodex system.
(The simple tool – you just double click on a terrain, and a slot with double sound spheres is made, then you select a specific sound for the slot. The min sphere means the minimum distance where attenuation begins, and the max sphere means the maximum distance where it ends :-) )
The problem is that, for small number of sounds (about 1~5), fmodex works fine with no problem. With more sounds, it seems to work fine at first, but it’s not :
– I can hear the nearest sound, the sound fades out as I run across the max sphere. But after I was totally out of the max sphere(end of attenuation), I repositioned the listener’s position and take the same course again. Strangely enough, I can not hear the 3d positioned sound again, even though I am totally in the sphere. This problem doesn’t happen with smaller number of sounds with same steps.

additional test conditions are as follows:
+ 4~5 2d sound events playing simultaneously.
+ Every(about 40~50) ambient sound is positioned and played simultaneously.
+ We are setting the listenere’s position. We can first hear the meeting sound once but never again even if we are there.

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