[quote:33zabtz8]User delay on sound playback

A new ‘setDelay’ function will be added so a sound can be specified to start after a certain period of time (samples or ms) – can be called between init and start on a channel[/quote:33zabtz8]

I know this is being worked on for a future update, so I am not going to nag about that … oops, already did.

On a similar vein, if I wanted to have a groups of sounds from a channelgroup to play in sequence (not on top of each other), could I use this delay feature to offset them (and be accurate enough that all the sounds together sound like one long sound)?

For example:

Play Sound A
1 sec later Play Sound B
2 sec later Play Sound C … and so on?

And, better yet, could I do this in one play command for the entire group?

And, (only one more question for now), can you issue play commands for different channelgroups and have the channelgroups play simultaneously … as if all the sounds belong together?

I’m sorry if this stuff is obvious, but I have found that I get a little confused on what FMOD can do from the help file that comes with it. I do most of my programming in Liberty Basic, so I can understand VB a little … but can’t understand C or C++ very well at all.

Thank you in advance.

Mark Lee

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I am wanting to do something similar to marcuslee.

I want to setup several channels and effectively overlay them with offsets, based on a common start time. Then I want to start all channels at the same time at a specified offset from the common start time.

The post by brett says
[quote:ds2nwes6]You could set up all the delays then call overridepaused(false) to start them all off. [/quote:ds2nwes6]

However startdelay in SetDelay has not been implemented yet, so this doesn’t seem to be an option. Have I misunderstood something here, or are there any other suggestions on how I should achieve what I want to do?

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