I´m just trying to use fmod in the way I´d like.
First of all it looks quiet goot.
But of curse I´ve got some guestions.
I read anywhere the fmod needs an external decoder for dolby pro logic 2. Is that right?

what I want to do is that.
An audio Player (mp3), where I can set the Speakermode. I use VB6 and FMOD EX.
so a mp3 is playing, then I´d like to set the speakermode to dolby pro logic 2.
I´m using a 5.1 soundcard.
is that possibe?

  1. Question. i can play DVD in my application. is it posible to get the sound from dvd through fmod??????? or is is possible to play dvd´s with fmod???? if yes, i´d liek to be able to switch between dolby digital and other supported sounds.

  2. question. I hope someone is able to help me here.
    I´m using 6 speakers, is it possible to delay the signal to the front right speaker ? (jaust as example)

Thanks a lot!

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