I’m trying to write recording to disk following the "record to disk" example. I’ve checked the WAV header writing many times and there seems to be nothing wrong there.

But when i try to play the wav i wrote all i get is loud noise.

Any idea what might cause this?

Also, problem doesn’t seem to be caused by recording, when i try to play the sound when it’s still on memory it plays ok.

The information i got from FMOD about the sound and which i wrote to the file:

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Hi, Dekon
I used the "record to disk" too and I noted an error in the vb example, to see the difference between VB example and c++ example.
In the timer (or in the loop in the c++ example) you can read this :
If blocklength < 0 Then blocklength += Soundlength

In the VB example the mistake is at the Soundlength value, it equals to 0 always !
To initialise it, see c++ example (main.c) : FMOD_Sound_GetLength(sound, &soundlength, FMOD_TIMEUNIT_PCM)

About the wav header I don’t know if it is good or not, I make it myself.


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Hi Denis,

I tried getting the blocklength from FMOD_Sound_GetLength if it is <0 but that didn’t help. Still same noise!

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