I have a new problem with the stream sounds.
I want to open a strem from memory and I use
FSOUND_LOADMEMORY |FSOUND_LOADRAW flags , it’s working for a few sound but not for all because I can’t set the number of the
BITES PER SAMPLE (BLOCK ALLIGN) and number of the BITES PER SECOND .In directX I can set this parameters …. :sad:

What I must to do ?

Thanks , again .
Adrian Stan

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I’m in trouble .

I want to play like a stream ,from memory , PCM data (8 BITS and 16 BITS wave ) and I use the next flags :
soundMod|= (GetSampleResolution()==16)?FSOUND_16BITS|FSOUND_SIGNED:FSOUND_8BITS;
soundMod|=(3dSound)?FSOUND_HW3D: FSOUND_HW2D|FSOUND_2D;
soundMod|=((GetNumChannels()>=2) ?FSOUND_STEREO:FSOUND_MONO);

and I create the stream with SOUND_Stream_Create .

  1. If I play 3d and I use a mono wave it’s working for 16 BITS wave but for 8 BITS wave the sound it’s very different .You know What I must to do to play 3d sound like streaming from memory and PCM data?

  2. If I play 2d I have the same problem . If I delete the flag FSOUND_8BITS from my code and I don’t put the flags like ( FSOUND_8BITS , FSOUND_16BITS , FSOUND_normal ) I can hear the 8 bits sound correctily . For me this is strange , I think the code must to crash but it’s working fine .. This is a bug ?
    I can use this but only 2d sound , for 3d sound you know what I must to do ?

Best Regards
Adrian Stan

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