Hello you all,

I’m a total newbie where it comes to FMOD, so please don’t be scared if I say something that is absolutely wrong.

I’m trying to set it up (Programmers API) using the information I found at the thread of this subforum and the help file.
Problem is, the examples do compile but they just open and close immediately.

What I did:
-Installed ‘fmodapi40416win-installer’.
-Pasted ‘fmodex.dll’ to my system32 folder and the following Dev-C++ subfolders: ‘bin’, ‘dll’, ‘lib’.
-Pasted ‘inc’ content to Dev-C++’s ‘include’ subfolder.
-Pasted ‘libfmodex.a’ into Dev-C++’s ‘lib’ subfolder.
-Added ‘-lfmodex’ to the linker.

What am I missing/doing wrong?

Please help, thanks in advance.

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Run them from the commandline (no double click) though you will be able to read errors output if any.

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