Hi, all. We are trying to measure sound similarity using FMOD Ex in C#.
we uses cross correlation to measure and need whool waveform of .wav
(or 10s – waveform)

there are question:

[b:x14mke6a]1. how to get whool waveform?[/b:x14mke6a]
Firstly, we tried to use a function, getWaveData;however, API say

[quote:x14mke6a]"Do not use this function to try and display the whole waveform of the sound, as this is more of a ‘snapshot’ of the current waveform at the time it is called, and could return the same data if it is called very quickly in succession." – getWaveData [/quote:x14mke6a]

I read some materials, and they suggest "Record", "DSP", "sound unlock", but we don’t know specific soulutions.

[b:x14mke6a]2. Does waveform means sequence of amplitude? [/b:x14mke6a]
the function, getWaveform, has following primitive:

FMOD_RESULT Channel::getWaveData(
float * wavearray,
int numvalues,
int channeloffset

there is an array, and people will use it. I don’t understand why it is an array. current waveform should be a value, not array because it is time depentdent, that is, not a spectrum.

thank you.

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donno if this would help you:

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