I think I can skip all the praise to the FMOD team, because everyone here knows FMOD is simply the best. Especially the recent addition of the FSOUND_SetMemorySystem() call has put FMOD way ahead of other sound engines in my book.
As for the reason of this post : I have two suggestions, based on things I need for my game engine, which uses FMOD and DirectMusic for sound output (for some reason FMOD won’t play .SGT files properly for me).
This engine treats just about every aspect of FMOD (FMusic, CD, stream, and sample) as if it was one and the same thing, allowing for a much more streamlined set of functions. The problem with this is ofcourse that they are not equal (duh).
I have managed to workaround most of these troubles, but two things still trouble me.

First of all, the inability to play multiple instances of a single FSOUND_STREAM or FMUSIC_MODULE without loading it into memory multiple times. For FSOUND_STREAM this is not much of a problem due to its low memory requirements, but loading a module multiple times is quite redundant. As far as I see, the current FMUSIC interface will not allow this without significant changes, but the FSOUND_STREAM interface could be altered to allow this without too much trouble.

Second of all, the inability to add custom DSP chains to the channels of a playing FMUSIC module. It may not be a very important feature, but it could be quite usefull.

Anyhow, I’ve been rabling long enough.

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