i’am new in fmod and audio software development, i use first fmod for test it to see if it is good to use for an audio manager software.

I play a list of file, such as MP3 and MIDI, i need the indipent control of level for each one of the stereo channel, and with FMOD is very easy to do. I need also to send audio to specific channel in 5.1 and FMOD is very god for this.

My problems is this: when i play a sound and then release it the memory is not unallocated, playing 70 file i reach the memory limit of the PC.

How i can deallocate the memory of a song after have close and released it ?

i try to realese the sound using: [VB]
If sound2 Then
result = FMOD_Sound_Release(sound2)
sound2 = Empty
ERRCHECK (result)
End If


now i will try to close and realese the system but it seem me the memory is not unallocated.

Please help.
Best regards

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If (Sound2 <> 0) Then
FMod_Sound_Release Sound2
Sound2 = 0

And make sure that Sound2 is declared As Long

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