first of all, I’m new here, and possibly doing something wrong.

the problems I’m having is with getting the stream sample program to work with playing a stream over the net.

using linux, I first had to get it to use something except for ALSA, so it’s now using ESD (and successfully plays from file).

however, if I try to play a URL (eg http://www.somedomain.com/test.mp3, or it simply says:

1 – Linux EsounD Driver

Press a corresponding number or ESC to quit
1Connecting to http://www.somedomain.com/test.mp3, please wait (this may take some time)….
Unknown file format

however there’s no waiting period at all. it doesn’t look like it tries to connect to the net at all. is there something I’m doing wrong here? any help would be greatly appreciated.

also on this topic, assuming the above method for internet streaming should work, does ogg-vorbis streaming currently work like this? or is this planned?

thanks in advance,

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ah right sorry for that.

so internet streaming isn’t supported under linux at all at the moment? any plans for this any time in the near future?

guess you could always implement the internet streaming side yourself.

thanks in advance.

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