8/9/06 4.04.29 – Dev release update

  • Added FMOD_DSP_LOWPASS_SIMPLE. No resonance lowpass filter, which is a lot
    faster than FMOD_DSP_LOWPASS, but allows cutoff frequency from 0 to 22khz,
    unlike FMOD_DSP_ITLOWPASS which is fast, but has limited cutoff range.
  • Roughly 30% speedup on FMOD_DSP_LOWPASS. Still about 2-4x slower than the
  • Added FMOD_ERR_INVALID_FLOAT. Channel::set3DAttributes and
    System::set3DListenerAttributes now check for NaN, Inf, Denormals being
    passed in, only in the debug build of FMOD. (ie fmodD library or dll).
  • Optimized pitch shift filter to ignore silent channels. A 6 channel
    pitch shift with a sound that is only coming out of 1 speaker will now
    be about 6x faster! Make sure to use hard panning to get best performance.

  • PS3 – Added AT3 codec support.

  • PS3 – Added fmodps3.h, which contains a FMOD_PS3_EXTRADRIVERDATA structure
    to be passed into System::init. Please see header for more information.
  • PS3 – Added reverb support.
  • PS3 – Added echo support.
  • PS3 – Added spu based mp3 streaming.
  • PS3 – Added custom 8ch to stereo downmixer to bypass sony’s currently low
    quality version.

  • Fix possible stutter when starting FSB streams.

  • Fix possible glitch on first time playing FSB streams.
  • Fix reverb not being active the first time a channel is played.
  • Fix unwanted memory allocs when using FMOD_CREATECOMPRESSEDSAMPLE.
  • Fix crash in ogg codec if running out of memory.
  • Fix crash if out of memory when using FMOD_NONBLOCKING.
  • Fix createSound returning FMOD_ERR_INVALID_PARAM instead of FMOD_ERR_MEMORY
    in some cases when running out of memory.

  • Event API : Added new EventProject class

  • Event API : EventProject::release replaces EventSystem::unload(fevhandle)
  • Event API : Added EventProject::getEventById which takes a project-unique
    event id (which is written out in programmer report and header file)
  • Event API : Added EventSystem::getProject/getProjectByIndex/getNumProjects
  • Event API : Added EventSystem::getNumReverbs
  • Event API : Added EventSystem::getGroup
  • Event API : Added EventSystem::getEvent
  • Event API : Added EVENT_CALLBACKTYPE_SOUNDDEF_INFO event callback type
  • Event API : Added "eventflags" parameter to EventSystem::init
  • Event API : Added EVENT_INIT_USER_ASSETMANAGER init flag
  • Event API : Fixed possible EventGroup index mismatch issue.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

We are heading to 4.05.00 release now so no new stuff (of structural significance) will be added until all bugs are fixed in this branch.

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Can’t hear anything using my player or playstream.exe using 4.04.29
And can you do something about the large download size :)

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Got some problem under [b:pclkzr3s]linux[/b:pclkzr3s] with 4.04.29 :
[code:pclkzr3s]libfmodex.so: undefined symbol: __cxa_pure_virtual [/code:pclkzr3s]
It occures during the loading of libfmodex.so.

I’ve already reported this problem long time ago and it was fixed.
But it re-appear in 4.04.29 (in 4.04.02 all was working well).

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[quote="Controller":p8oealfm]Can’t hear anything using my player or playstream.exe using 4.04.29

can’t hear too. i’m using my player and this example: "dsppluginviewer.exe". this only in mp3

System: Athlon 64, SB Audigy LS, Win XP Pro SP2

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Not sound using the .29 dll, if I compile it against the .29 libraries and put the .27/.28 dlls it sounds fine.

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