Greetings FMOD users ! :smile:

I have a little question about the FSOUND_LoadMemory parameter. If I use it with only one function call like :

MusicHandle:= FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile(WAVmemory,FSOUND_LoadMemory,Sizeof_WAVmemory);

and then play this music it works fine, but if I load another sound file after this first call it crashs. I found out that I can’t use the WAVmemory pointer variable again for another sound file loading from memory if I had used it already.

Why ? I thought FSOUND_LoadMemory parameter lets the FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile only load the song from memory instead from a file on harddisk ?

Also I thought only the MusicHandle variable is used after loading a sound file with the FSOUND_LoadMemory parameter ?

But it seems as if it plays the song also from this WAVmemory pointer variable and not from the handle ???

Or do I have to keep the WAVmemory pointer variable intact until I free the handle of this song. If yes, FSOUND_Loadmemory also lets the FSOUND_Stream_Play function play the WAV file from the WAVmemory pointer variable and not from its handle ?!?!

Can anybody help me, please ?

Thank you!

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