I’m using FMOD Ex ( 4.04.28 ) in a Windows XP game I’m developing. I have one sound playing. I’m using software mode.

FMOD plays my sound, correctly attenuating the sound as I move towards and away from the sound’s location in my 3-D world. The sound also pans correctly as I rotate the camera around. I’m passing the forwards and upwards camera vectors to FMOD. So far so good.

However, one of the speaker channels cuts out, and there is no more attenuation as I move towards or away from the sound, and also no panning of the sound as I rotate the camera. The volume stays as it was when it cuts out.

I tested FMOD to see if it was still returning values, like Version, or getChannelsPlaying. FMOD returns the correct values and seems to be running fine, but the sound never changes volume, and only one speaker is playing. Sometimes it’s the right speaker that cuts out, and sometimes it’s the left speaker.

If I close down my application and restart it, everythings fine, until I fly the camera around and it happens again.

I’m not sure what to do.

Please Help!


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I coppied down the Upwards and Forwards vectors that I am getting from my graphics engine, and passing on to FMOD. Could someone look them over to see if they are propper? I’m new to this vector stuff.

The sound does work for a little while as I zoom around in my world, but something always freezes up the sound and one speaker goes out. The sound does keep playing though.

x = 0.7846238
y = 0.5508297
z = -0.5809021

x = 0.5178349
y = -0.8346176
z = -0.536504865


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I’m using the Irrlicht engine for graphics.
Here’s what I was doing.

upwards.Set(0, 1, 0) ‘x,y,z
forwards.Set(0, 0, 1) ‘x,y,z

I then fed upwards, and forwards to FMOD.
This method was incomplete and apparently caused the problem.

I then tried adding these two lines, and it works now:

These set the vector lengths to 1.

I guess that’s it. Any comments?

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