I’m new to FMOD, and have been poking around for a bit. Its DSP architecture and mixing capabilities seems to be quite something in comparison with most of the software out there.

I tried running the usercreatedsound sample for VB6. However, even when compiled it seems to suffer horribly from performance issues. Glitches or ‘clicks’ are constant. I compiled and ran the same sample written in C++, and it seemed to play seemlessly on runtime decoding.

It would of course appear obvious that the key problem at hand is VB’s low performance. However, comparing the outputs from from the C++ and VB samples, the VB version seems to get hung up, constantly looping just a small bit of the sound, where the C++ version actually plays a dynamically changing sound (as seems to be intended by reading the code). That, and I find it hard to believe that the authors would supply a non-working example intentionally.

Is this a code or language specific problem? I singled out the hardware factor by running both hardware and software mixing (no difference), and comparing the C++ and VB versions as said. I’m not really a C++ guru, but I don’t see any direct differences in the code.

Would be ever so greatful for some pointers!

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