Hi. First of all, i am realy sorry about my english.

I am building one aplication to play media files, such mp3, wav, mpeg and avi files.

First question:
I have one Audio CD that is an Hybrid CD, and i can’t open it with FMOD 3.75. There is someone who can tell me if it is possible to open an Audio/Data CD (Hybrid/Extra or Micex CD) ?

I use the function mcisendstring to open the movie files. It’ s possible use the FMOD 3.75 to hear the sound of the movies, so i can use all the funcionalitys and the mcisendstring just to watch the movie?

Thanks very much


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I dont recommend trying to use fmod to play the audio of a movie, while something else plays the video. It is better to use the audio feature of the code that is playing the video.

You can play data/audio cds with fmod, but you might want to try playing a CD using the digital interface with fmod rather than the analog.

Use FSOUND_Stream_Open and "D:" as the filename for example.
There is an example called ‘cdda’ which shows how to do this.

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